Ølen Betong

Ready-mix concrete for every need

Olen Betong, LLC deliver high quality concrete that has all the necessary certificates in accordance with the Russian legislation.

We pay great attention to the quality of customer service, have significant production facilities and a modern fleet of vehicles.

Strength grades – up to B60, frost resistance – up to F2300, maximum water resistance - W20 and also a range of types of specialized concrete such as:

Additional options:

A dedicated technology group is constantly working to develop and improve the properties of concrete.

Our experience and broad skill base includes big and small deliveries and projects. There are no deliveries that are too big or too small for us.

Order ready-mixed concrete

To place an order for concrete, please contact our head office in Murmansk by phone number +7 8152 692 000.

Individual customer requirements

If your requirements go beyond the usual, we will make the individual mix-design for you!

Facts about ready-mix concrete

Ready-mix concrete is fresh concrete delivered to the customer while it is still in liquid condition.

Mixing plants

Our company has two concrete mixing stations in Murmansk: